William is a 21 year, retired military Combat Engineer with a background in Art. He stepped away from art for over 20 years and it wasn't until 2012 when his wife started modeling that he began seeing the imagery that photographers were able to create with a camera. That's when he decided to dive into the world of photography and it reinvigorated his passion for art.


In the early years, he enlisted his wife as his muse to hone his skills in the world of photography. Upon retiring from the military in 2013, he threw himself into the world of photography by applying to work at a local, high end wedding/event photography company. They loved his style and attitude so much that they hired him on the spot. It didn't take but a few short months for him to excel at shooting weddings before he was appointed the lead photographer for one of their high end properties.


After about two years of shooting weddings he decided he wanted to advance the scope of his work and decided to part ways with the company and start up his own business. Thus, Lionspride Photography was born. The name came about from the fact that he and his wife are both Leo's and they wanted to create a team and environment that would give their clients an experience that would separate them from everyone else in the industry. One filled with comfort, security and an overall fun and exciting experience.


Since then he has covered everything from weddings, corporate events, editorials, pageant headshots and portraiture. His passion for photography and mastery of lighting has lead him to expand even further and he has begun to share his knowledge with other aspiring photographers through one on one mentoring sessions and even group events. He loves interacting with his clients by giving them posing tips and advice on how to get the best out of their photos. He approaches every session as an experience rather than just a photo shoot so they want to come back for more.


You can see more of his work at Instagram and Facebook.